The Accelerated Development Program

The Accelerated Development Program (ADP) is how Mashoom makes sure that all its features are created with direct contact with the people using them. The arrangement is simple:

  • A team comes to Mashoom with a problem or a process that they want to automate. We listen and design a solution to solve whatever their problem is. Normally this takes the form of a new module on Mashoom or an upgrade to an existing one.
  • We develop the solution completely with this client, including many rounds of bug fixing and further development beyond the original idea. This is key to making this process work; it’s in both parties interest to make the solution work as best it can. We have had solutions that have simply missed the mark; without this feedback process there is no clear way to know if our modules really are the best solution to the problem.
  • After an ADP cycle has been complete then work starts to turn that module into a general product, and release it publicly. It is very much down to the complexity and nature of the solution as to how long this takes. Generalising a product means adding customisation options where appropriate and fully integrating the solution into the rest of the Mashoom platform.
  • Every module on Mashoom has been through this process. This development process is also why some of the modules on Mashoom are in full use but have not yet been released.