Part of the advantage of cloud data storage and processing is being able to easily share it with another person. The share module is not only designed to enable this, but allow you greater control over how and to who data is shared.

Simple File Sending and Receiving

The simplest feature share enables is the ability to quickly share files via an email download link. This means files of any size can be uploaded to Mashoom then sent to one or multiple receipts without them having to signup to Mashoom; they just click the link on the email to download the files. Expiry periods or an exact expiry time can be set to allow some basic control over shared files.

Share also enables this basic feature to be used in reverse; you can send a sharing portal to a recipient which allows them to send files back to you, or optionally onto others or a group of people. Again expiry periods or times can be set to limit the recipients use of the portal.

The above features primarily allow large files that cant be attached to emails be easily sent. With virus scanning enabled, this can be used as a full and effective replacement to email attachments in general, which are a source of many cyber security threats.

External Users

Share also enables external users; as the name suggests these are users that are usually external to your business/team. The difference between external and internal users (internal user being the normal default on Mashoom), is that external users default to not being able to see anything. Internal users by default have view and edit access to everything.

This allows external users to be added to an account, then given specific permission to certain data. Their default position not to be able to access data without a specific permission is hard coded into the base of Mashoom.

Mashoom also has a “only external users” setting, which as the name suggest, means that every user on the account is either an admin or and external user. This is useful for large organisations that want full control over who can see what.