Mashoom 5 – Our release plan

Mashoom 5 is in the process of being generally released after many years of alpha development. Please have a read as to what is available, and what is coming soon. Mashoom 5 is split into modules, each of which has a different release stage as they undergo their development. Each one has started as a solution to a problem, as such it takes time for them to fully develop into a set of tools a wider audience finds useful.

  • Library – Fully tested and available to new users
  • Share – Fully tested and available to new users
  • Design – BETA Release – This is ready for everyone to test and is offered to new users of Mashoom.
  • BOM/Lifing – ALPHA Release – These products are still under development inside a commercial engine company. They are almost ready to release, but they are complicated. When we get there, we will let you know.

Please also read our release notes as to what improvements come with Mashoom 5