Very early on in Mashoom’s development we found that engineering CAD data is only half the story when someone asks the question “how/why was that decision made”. Having a team’s supporting documentation stored in logical and quickly searchable fashion makes a difference; better decisions can be made faster.

Since then, the Library module has become a powerful tool to store, manage and control any data, not just that in an engineering context. The principles after all are the same; documents need to be able to be stored simply and easily, then quickly sortable and searchable so that the information remains useful. The next step is to enable versioning, allowing documents to be kept up to date over time.

Mashoom has complete hierarchical support; infinite layers of folders and sub-folders are possible. This becomes powerful when linked with Mashoom’s powerful internal permissions system. Access controls can be set for a folder that propagate to all the sub folders, either for individuals or groups of users. In this way, admin privileges can be set on a folder by folder basis, allowing delegation of access controls. This allows a large organisation to efficiently make use of the Library.

A complete log of who has downloaded, upload, viewed and changed anything in the Library is maintained. The history of each folder can be filtered based on individual, user group or type of action. The history of all the sub folders can also be analysed, to allow access to a project etc. to be monitored.

The Library continues to improve, these are some of the features on the horizon:

  • Different types of KNodes to store different types of data, each specialised for this task both in looks and function. For instance a data KNode for a raw data table, PDF groups alongside normal folders and projects.
  • Be able to build a tree structure with KNodes, which will lend into being able to compile KNodes. To start with this is for PDF compiling/managing, which will be the biggest drive of the next upgrade
  • Integrate into the share module with its own functionality to provide easily manageable file distribution, to clients and other 3rd parties
  • Tags!
  • Git revisioning… algorithms are currently under development to enable the next generation of version control.