Built on Giants

Mashoom is built on an array of solid and reliable technology. The core components have been refined for years and are some of the well maintained code bases out there. This is a list of everyone there is to thank; it’s also a useful list to understand what is going on “under the hood” of Mashoom.


These languages show off all that is great about open-source software. Both these languages are fundamental to how Mashoom runs and we (like many others) wouldn’t exist without them.

JQuery + JQueryUI

Two other big names, client side code is riddled with compatibility issues from the get go; these libraries make this pain bearable.

Font Awesome

These guys are who to thank for all the icons around Mashoom. We are starting a project to go around and make our own, but for now, don’t they look good!


This allows Mashoom to stream large file bundles straight to the user, without which we were struggling to get the server capacity high enough to cope with the large CAD assembly structures that are required. This library has been a great help.


This just helps compatibility of email styling, ensuring our emails work well on all clients. It does a very complicated job and it just works, exactly what was needed.

Amazon Web Services

These guys are at the bottom of the list because frankly Mashoom pays for its usage. That being said, the power/scalability Mashoom has at its disposal is crazy, and it’s made possible by AWS. There are other cloud providers out there, I’ve tried some, I’m not feeling a need to move away from AWS.

If you are reading this as an owner of one of these products, firstly, thank you. Secondly, I hope down the line Mashoom will be able to provide a financial contribution to keeping these projects alive.