Branding Customisation

We understand our enterprise customers using Mashoom often want it to look and feel like a piece of company infrastructure; it must look and feel like a bespoke and in-house solution.

This is important for many reasons, but a good example is when sharing information with a client. This client could be uploading and downloading important information, and they want to know 100% that it is legitimate and is coming from the intended source. Having your companies logo and colours on display allows for this.

In the same way, this feature allows Mashoom to be used as a “document access portal” that is frequently implemented by many organisations. A link from your own website to a Mashoom account with this feature enabled makes Mashoom look like a powerful in-house solution… We won’t tell anyone 😉

Personal logo

Firstly the Mashoom logo in the top left of the site can be replaced by your logo. We then place a discrete logo (only 50px tall) in the bottom right of the page, shown below:

Powered by Mashoom banner

Custom colours / styling

The colours and other styling changes (for instance square boxes rather than Mashoom’s default rounded ones) are implemented through an injected “style sheet”, written in CSS. Mashoom can write this for you based on your current website, or if you employ a web developer they will know what is required to write this.

Email Branding

All automated emails sent from the account have a basic set of customisation options available, most notably being able to change the main background colours and logo. This allows all the notifications and user management emails to remain consistent with your branding. In the footer a smaller version of the above “powered by Mashoom logo” will be shown.


In short, get in contact. Albeit a quick process we need to “manually” upload your custom style sheet and logo to our servers before we can turn this feature on.