BOM stands for “Bill of Materials”, essentially a list of exactly which components need to be used to make a final product. This is a very important piece of information. If the management and release process of this information isn’t good it’s easy to see how it would affect the final product. “What version of a this part is required for this assembly?” for instance. Of all the services we offer at Mashoom, this is probably the one that relates the most directly to the quality of the product leaving your team.

This product has been developed in partnership with a professional motorsport engineering firm through an ADP Cycle. It is in the process of being made available to new users.

Once released, it will contain the following features:

  • Drag and drop BOM creation, using either a CAD assembly to generate a complete BOM or individual designs
  • Revisioning to keep track of design changes to your products
  • No level/number of part limits. Part of this project was to develop the hierarchy algorithms to support 1000s of parts over many levels easily and efficiently.

The following may not make first release, but are planned upgrades

  • Git revisioning. This will allow far better and easier control over product revisions, using the same revision techniques as can be seen in the coding world.
  • Support for manufacturing/assembly processes. This information is key to providing a full picture of how to make your product, therefore we want to be able to version control it in the same way.