About Us

Jamie Robinson (Founder and CEO)

Jamie Robinson

Whilst doing a mechanical engineering degree at University College London, Jamie spent a huge amount of time designing and building competition vehicles in the department. Mashoom was created out of a need to organise the Formula Student team, which every year had to design from scratch a single seat racing car based primarily on the input from students. Whilst obviously providing an engineering challenge, effective data management was always a weakness.

Jamie always had a fascination with what is possible with technology; Mashoom was born out of a want to understand why people think this sort of engineering data management problem “is too complex” or “impossible” to be solved effectively.

The creation of Mashoom has to an extent proved these opinions wrong, not just in engineering but across a range of sectors. Software can be simple, it can be effective, it can be friendly to use and it can be available to all at a fair price. This can all co-exist with a simple business model that respects complete data privacy and puts security first. Jamie is here to either prove himself wrong, or let everyone know there is another way.