Put simple, Mashoom is an information management and storage platform. Our core philosophy is to provide tools that are simple enough for a single user’s personal use, whilst powerful enough to cope with a large organisation’s needs.

We provide a light weight, simple and low maintenance solution to many of the data problems faced by organisations and teams, big or small. Mashoom is split into modules, each module designed specifically for a certain set of requirements. Each module integrates with the other modules of Mashoom to provide a coherent and self integrated solution.

We work with our current clients and put a lot of time into making sure features are right, as such Mashoom’s modules are in different stages of release. Below is a brief overview of where each module is in development:

  • Library – Fully tested and available to new users
  • Share – Fully tested and available to new users
  • Design – BETA Release – This is ready for everyone to test and is offered to new users of Mashoom.
  • BOM/Lifing – ALPHA Release – These products are still under ADP development with an external company. The main bulk of coding has been done, but the detail is important to us.


Mashoom doesn’t have a pricing structure setup yet; you can currently create an account for free. This is for moderate usage, we will get in contact through your admin email address if we feel we need to charge your account (to cover our costs!).

When we get there it will be pay for what you use based on usage of each module. This is due within the next few months, any existing user will be given lots of notice before the payment system comes online and your data on Mashoom will be available to export in raw format.

If you feel you will be using Mashoom heavily, or want to talk about our personalisation options, please get in touch.